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Enchantress candle with Moon Stone-Delicious apple

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Enchantress candle with Moon Stone-Delicious apple

(1 candle)

8 oz


Our candles have a wooden wick which is so relaxing to listen to.  We have chosen soy to make our candles as it does not emit any black smoke or toxic fumes. The scents all come from natural essential oils and are paraben and phthalate free. They all contain a flower and crystal that can be kept afterwards.


About the stone : Channel hope, sensitivity, and abundance by wearing Moonstone. Associated with the crown chakra and divine feminine energy, this iridescent gemstone is thought to inspire intuition and psychic abilities. Discover the Moonstone meaning.



All of our candles are made with love by hand so they will all vary in look. They are all unique!


*To keep your candle in good shape and allow it to burn longer, we ask that you remove the stone and larger flowers from the candle as soon as it melts a bit. 


* The information above is simply to inform you on the benefits of the stones and do not replace in any way medical or psychological care provided by health care professionals. 

Chandelle L’enchanteresse avec Pierre de lune - Pomme Délicieuse