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Coco Caribou

Black Geo- Bamboo hair towel

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Coco Caribou towels are the improved version of our mothers old hair towels. They are the first cotton-lined hair towels, made in Quebec with passion and expertise. They are light and hold perfectly in place and allow you to get back to your activities or simply relax comfortably while letting your hair dry. The patterns are chosen with care, combined with high quality ratine will  make your Coco Caribou towel an essential part of your beauty routine!

Composition: 50% cotton, 45% bamboo, 5% polyester

Washing and care: Machine wash on lukewarm water, with similar colours, air dry or in the dryer at low. (Open the towel and flat dry).

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The price is for one hair towel in standard format, for hair coming down to the middle of the back, 26 inches long. The inside is black terry cloth bamboo.