Care and maintenance for your cutting board and wood products – Jeremy Fruit Furniture

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Care and maintenance for your cutting board and wood products

We suggest using black soap to clean your cutting board and wooden cutter as it is a much kinder alternative to harsh commercial dish soaps. You will only need two tablespoons per 5 litres of water so it will last you for a long time. We strongly suggest not immersing your cutting board in water. Just a quick rinse and wash with the black soap mixture. The soap is available on our website and Etsy page as a maintenance kit including 120ml of mineral oil, 120ml of black soap and a white cotton cloth. The black soap is also available in bulk at zero-waste stores such as Vert-Essentiel in Vaudreuil-Dorion or natural product stores. To revive your cutting board and wooden cutter in the future, simply use a clean cotton cloth and apply a small amount of mineral oil to your cutting board and wipe clean. DO NOT use olive oil as it will become rancid.The oil should absorb quickly. And last but not least, enjoy your new products and have fun with your little ones in the kitchen! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email at, by Facebook Messenger at Meubles Jeremy Fruit Furniture or by phone at 514-659-7991